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  • My Pixels: Tree Silhouette Sunset

    Recently, I got a graphic tablet, Huion 1060Plus. Woohoo! I tried to draw on it just to realize that I am rookie at this. But I am sure that if I keep doing it, I will get better at it. ๐Ÿ™‚ This time, it is not a pixel art but rather a try to paint…

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  • Play my new game: SamuraiDuel

    Play my new game: SamuraiDuel

    Another game jam. Another game. Another post. Yessshh! Game Jam: Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Theme: Present Game: SamuraiDuel A simple fast-paced fighting game. All you can do is move, jump and attack. This game is inspired by a fantastic game called Nidhogg. You are the samurai hiding in the woods. Several villages are afraid of your…

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  • My Pixels: Unsettling Feel

    Something seems… unsettled! I tried making a horror scene. It turned out quite well. I did it on Krita, not GIMP. In doing so, I tried various things. This time, I choose 320*240. If you are into pixel art game development, I suggest you use this size for your game. At first, I tried to…

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  • My Pixels: Purple Pixels, Dancing Sword Animation

    It’s not my first attempt at animating pixel art. Usually, I take only one colour and try to animate the silhouette. Similar to what I did in my game, Develomare but with vector art. This time around, I bothered using multiple colours. And I felt like it worked. The animation felt so good that I…

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  • My Pixels: Four Shades โ€“ Strength in Man 0

    My Pixels: Four Shades โ€“ Strength in Man 0

    Count the colours, please. Are they 4? Ops, it’s 5. My mistake! It should be in the monochromatic category. I saw a video on YouTube in which someone was doing pixel art and it is my attempt to try to imitate him. (It is obviously not the same and he did it much better. And…

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  • My Pixels: Random Man 1

    My Pixels: Random Man 1

    Bored me, tried to do some pixel art. I did a lazy pixel art. And bothered uploading it on my blog. It is quite a long time since I did a 32×32 pixel art. Here, you can see a scaled version (128 by 128 pixels). Grid Size: 32*32

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  • My Pixels: Monochromatic โ€“ Red Dungeon

    My Pixels: Monochromatic โ€“ Red Dungeon

    Monochromatic… must be boring. It is similar to the Four Shades category but… with more shades. I hope that makes sense. This time it is a Red Dungeon… more like a bloody dungeon. I started off by thinking of a horror/creepy scene and it ended up like that. 2 versions, one with more contrast. This…

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  • Box Blur with SDL2

    Box Blur with SDL2

    Originally, this post is intended to be on as an article of mine but they never accepted it. So, I thought why not just put it on my own website. If you know what the heck SDL2 and C++ is, you can understand the technique. What is Box Blur? Box Blur is a very…

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  • My Pixels: Four Shades – Beach Aside The City

    My Pixels: Four Shades – Beach Aside The City

    Someone told me to try less colors. Limiting oneself to something like 4 colors/shades increases the rate of learning. It also motivates a person to try a bigger grid size. If you can guess every element in the image below without considering the title, it is a good pixel art. The image is made with…

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  • My Pixels: Random Imagination 1

    My Pixels: Random Imagination 1

    This time, just an imagination of mine. Nothing fancy. It is just an abstraction from some point and reality from the other! But it is what one think about it. It feels like someone is going to start a journey along with some evil waiting for the opportunity to hurt you. Grid Size: 128*128

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