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  • JSGameDevLib: My Javascript Game Dev Library on GitHub

    Recently I have released a library which I use to develop games in Javascript. It does not have any dependencies and is pure JS (+ little bit of HTML). Following are the games that uses this library as a base: Mystic Chambers – Leaf Cutter Empire – The library focuses a lot on game states,…

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  • FALLINGbits: What is the status?

    FALLINGbits: What is the status?

    OMG! I can’t believe it, man! Seriously, this is amazing. I got a download! Look at the image below! A download. Really, whoever he is, he made my day. Thanks to him. Now, 9 more downloads in 20 more days. If you want to help me achieve this target, here is the link. To those…

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