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January 2018

  • FALLINGbits on

    FALLINGbits on

    My first ever published game… 😀 Here is the link. makes it easy for anyone to publish games and much more stuff into the market. It is just an experiment to see how well things can go over there. My target is to get, at least 10 downloads in 30 days span. Thank you for…

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  • Working on Doboomler…

    Working on Doboomler…

    Finally… Something decent enough to publish on the market. BAC Studios is working on a new game called Doboomler. It falls under the endless runner game genre (Don’t worry! It’s not another clone of Temple Run). Instead of running, there will be falling. It will be a ball with a face (see that image above).…

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  • My Vectors: Purpluria Range 2

    My Vectors: Purpluria Range 2

    Yet another Purpluria Range. Somehow, it feels satisfying to me and looks pretty pleasant. I may try it again but this is it for now. The clouds could have been better. This time I didn’t bother with multiple versions. To me, it is better than the previous version. Please, PLEASE DO COMMENT and tell me which…

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  • My Pixels: Monochromatic – Red Dungeon

    My Pixels: Monochromatic – Red Dungeon

    Monochromatic… must be boring. It is similar to the Four Shades category but… with more shades. I hope that makes sense. This time it is a Red Dungeon… more like a bloody dungeon. I started off by thinking of a horror/creepy scene and it ended up like that. 2 versions, one with more contrast. This…

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  • My Vectors: Purpluria Range 1

    My Vectors: Purpluria Range 1

    A new series: My Vectors. Vector drawing is calculation based drawing where computer kinda does a lot of things behind the screen. I prefer vector editing over raster editing for someone who doesn’t own a graphic tablet like me. Anyhow, I did tell you about Inkscape before. I used it and I liked it. It…

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  • C++ Programming Series: What’s next?

    You wanted to get into game programming. You found out that C++ is the real deal. You came here and started reading the first post of the series. You practiced and moved on till the end. Now, you are confused about what to do next? (By the way, it applies to all the enthusiastic people…

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  • Box Blur with SDL2

    Box Blur with SDL2

    Originally, this post is intended to be on as an article of mine but they never accepted it. So, I thought why not just put it on my own website. If you know what the heck SDL2 and C++ is, you can understand the technique. What is Box Blur? Box Blur is a very…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Dynamic Arrays (Part 2, Last)

    Dynamic arrays can be used with functions in exactly the same way as I have told in this post. Just keep in mind that we have to pass the size of the array into the function. Note how I allocated the memory and also, set the value of all the elements in the dynamic array…

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  • My Pixels: Four Shades – Beach Aside The City

    My Pixels: Four Shades – Beach Aside The City

    Someone told me to try less colors. Limiting oneself to something like 4 colors/shades increases the rate of learning. It also motivates a person to try a bigger grid size. If you can guess every element in the image below without considering the title, it is a good pixel art. The image is made with…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Dynamic Arrays (Part 1)

    Before we get into the dynamic arrays, it is important to understand why we use them and when to use them. Here’s the simplified concept of memory types. The program that we execute stores and works with the data, information and variables (collectively called memory) in the RAM (Random Access Memory). Upon closing the program,…

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