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May 2019

  • My Pixels: Tree Silhouette Sunset

    Recently, I got a graphic tablet, Huion 1060Plus. Woohoo! I tried to draw on it just to realize that I am rookie at this. But I am sure that if I keep doing it, I will get better at it. 🙂 This time, it is not a pixel art but rather a try to paint…

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  • I am a part of this awesome game, Delv (Gamkedo #3)

    I am a part of this awesome game, Delv (Gamkedo #3)

    Hmm. Another Gamkedo game! 2D Top Down Action RPG Co-op Single Screen Pixel Art Game called Delv. It is made in Unity and you are a lovely mage fighting its way through monsters. I did Boss Battles and it was so much fun! Big Bones boss (only gameplay) and Mega Worm Boss (art and gameplay).…

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