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  • Flick Tactics with HomeTeam GameDev

    Flick Tactics with HomeTeam GameDev

    Turn-Based Strategy JS game inspired by Advance Wars and Into The Breach. It is a battle of Mechs. Each Mech type is unique and adds value to the battle against the opponent. The game is made in collaboration with HomeTeam GameDev community and I was the team lead. Play on your browser! One thing to…

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  • I am a part of this awesome game, Nethercard Kingdom (HT GD #7)

    I am a part of this awesome game, Nethercard Kingdom (HT GD #7)

    Drop your cards in this black and white world and fight your kingdom back in this another awesome HT GD club game, Nethercard Kingdom. The game is made in Unity. Nethercard Kingdom is a deck building game where you summon troops, cast supporting and offensive spells and all of this in real-time lighthearted strategic battles. I…

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  • Tips and Tricks for Surviving Alien Waves in Antons

    Antons is an Orbital Tower Defense Game made by me for the game jam. Unfortunately, I couldn’t submit it on time. It was one heck of a strategic journey. Link to Antons Post Play Antons Here! The game is so tuff and requires some decent tricks to win it. Here are some of the tips…

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  • Play Antons, Orbital Tower Defense Game

    Save Mars from the Alien Invasion by constructing Orbital Array with units called Antons. The game is Real Time Strategy and there will be 10 waves of Aliens. It is totally your choice but the game is real fun and challenging on HARD Difficulty. This game was supposed to be submitted for BTP Game Jam #2 (Theme: Mini Planets) and later…

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