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  • My First Global Game Jam Submission – Shredded World

    My First Global Game Jam Submission – Shredded World

    Finally, I participated in a Global Game Jam. The fact that this time (year 2021) it was remote/online, made it easy for me to participate in it. Shredded World is short 2D side scroller post-apocalyptic shooter game with a very strange story. I put some amount of effort on the visual effects and the feel of…

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  • Play Antons, Orbital Tower Defense Game

    Save Mars from the Alien Invasion by constructing Orbital Array with units called Antons. The game is Real Time Strategy and there will be 10 waves of Aliens. It is totally your choice but the game is real fun and challenging on HARD Difficulty. This game was supposed to be submitted for BTP Game Jam #2 (Theme: Mini Planets) and later…

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  • I failed…

    I couldn’t reach my target… 10 downloads of my game, FALLINGbits, in 30 days… Got only 1. I am feeling very depressed. Maybe I am not good enough yet. Maybe I need to put more effort and especially more time. Time is of the essence. Maybe I… It doesn’t matter anymore. I will try again…

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  • FALLINGbits: What is the status?

    FALLINGbits: What is the status?

    OMG! I can’t believe it, man! Seriously, this is amazing. I got a download! Look at the image below! A download. Really, whoever he is, he made my day. Thanks to him. Now, 9 more downloads in 20 more days. If you want to help me achieve this target, here is the link. To those…

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  • FALLINGbits on

    FALLINGbits on

    My first ever published game… 😀 Here is the link. makes it easy for anyone to publish games and much more stuff into the market. It is just an experiment to see how well things can go over there. My target is to get, at least 10 downloads in 30 days span. Thank you for…

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