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FALLINGbits: What is the status?

FALLINGbits Status #1

FALLINGbits: What is the status?


I can’t believe it, man! Seriously, this is amazing.

I got a download!

Look at the image below! A download. Really, whoever he is, he made my day. Thanks to him.

FALLINGbits Status #1
FALLINGbits Status #1

Now, 9 more downloads in 20 more days. If you want to help me achieve this target, here is the link.

To those who are thinking:

Wha? This is nothing. Seems like that someone did an act of sympathy. 6 views! What a lowly molly it is….

And so on… Yeah, you are right.

I just wanted to see how things go on. The real thing is yet to come.

The reason for such fewer views is probably because…

  1. I never considered doing marketing.
  2. has a probably smaller audience who would like to download a game and play it on there Android phone rather than just play it on the web.
  3. My game runs on Android only. (again same reason)
  4. My game is not good enough. :'(
  5. I have not paid much attention to my blog.

I have been very busy dealing with multiple stuff. But I will not leave my blog again.

Stay tuned for more. And do check my game on (the link is given above).

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