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October 2018

  • Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 1)

    Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 1)

    I made the game called Develomare for the BlackThronProd (BTP) Game Jam #1 as I mentioned that in the previous post. But how? As you guys know that I am a fan of the Unity Game Engine. Therefore, I watch the video tutorials on YouTube that are related to the Unity Game Engine. A few…

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  • Dun dun dun… I am back again!

    Long time, no see. Last time, I posted a sad post. After that, I left my blog… again. And now, I revisited my website and I was like, “Oh crap, that’s another big hiatus. Dang it!”. Please forgive me for such a long and lengthy break. Come to think of it, I might have a 2-3 months…

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