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BAC Games hosting Global Game Jam 2023

GGJ 2023

BAC Games hosting Global Game Jam 2023

We at Bold Aesthetic Creative Games hosted our first on-site game jam as well as our first Global Game Jam!

There were a total of 6 Participants namely me (Bilal), Rayyan Aziz, Sufian Ahmed, M. Touseef, Zahid Ali and Saif Ali Khan. We all developed 3 Games together in this short weekend of 48 fun-filled hours consisting of a keynote, theme reveal, a ride to a mall for getting fresh burgers, an amazing chess battle with all the nostalgic game talks, a photo session, a pizza party, 2 nighters (!) and game presentations!

Here are some of the photos of the Global Game Jam 2023 at BAC Games!

Play the games that our participants developed at the Global Game Jam 2023 (BAC Games) here:

Thank you for your support and as always, Happy GameDev! 😄

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