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October 2019

  • My First Ludum Dare, Levers and Bots! (LDJam #45)

    My First Ludum Dare, Levers and Bots! (LDJam #45)

    I did it! I joined Ludum Dare 45, made a game, submitted it on time, received tons of awesome feedback and got GOOD results in the end. Here is the Challenge: Keep all of the levers ON for 180 seconds in order to win! Each lever will empower you :- Area Unlocks. New Visuals. New Abilities (activate…

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  • I am active on Twitter!

    The last post that I did, was on June 24th. Almost 4 months since I have last updated my blog. The reason for this is, I am shifting more towards social media like Twitter and Discord. Recently, I have been quite active on Twitter. I will be frequently updating and sharing things on Twitter. But…

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  • Nick Of Time with HT GD Club

    Nick Of Time with HT GD Club

    Nick Of Time is a 2D Top Down Split Screen Action RPG in which the players are stuck in the dungeon. Now, you have to find a way out. As suggested by the name, it is a 2 player game that is played on a single screen (split screen). The game is made in HomeTeam GameDev…

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