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  • I am a part of this awesome game, Ghost Rustlers (HT GD #6)

    I am a part of this awesome game, Ghost Rustlers (HT GD #6)

    Ghost Rustlers is a 2D Side-Scroller Turn-Based game where your job is to get rid of those cute ghosts wandering in the area. It is made with Javascript (vanilla canvas). I made the cactus sprites, implemented character selection tints and realigned the game graphics to look nicer on large screens. Play Ghost Rustlers on your…

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  • My Pixels: Tree Silhouette Sunset

    Recently, I got a graphic tablet, Huion 1060Plus. Woohoo! I tried to draw on it just to realize that I am rookie at this. But I am sure that if I keep doing it, I will get better at it. ๐Ÿ™‚ This time, it is not a pixel art but rather a try to paint…

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  • My Models: Mage Tower

    Here, I have done some modelling for another Gamkedo club game. The tower is quite cylindrical but the studs/tops of the tower distracts the cylinder shape quite well. The two cones are for holding the magic. There are two models: first one in which I have tried the texture painting feature, the other one (without…

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  • I made my Portfolio Site

    Recently, I made a stylish website that represents the studio and the recent games that I have published along with all the other achievements. Do check it out. Hopefully, you will like it. ๐Ÿ˜€ My Github Page

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  • I am a part of this awesome game, WhisperDrift (Gamkedo #1)

    I am a part of this awesome game, WhisperDrift (Gamkedo #1)

    Recently, Gamkedo Club released another awesome game called WhisperDrift. The game has awesome modern indie game-like graphics with juicy controls and gameplay. It is made in Unity and is a 2.5D platformer with very nice lighting effects. I joined the team quite late. So, I ended up working on the UI of this game and…

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  • Play my new game: SamuraiDuel

    Play my new game: SamuraiDuel

    Another game jam. Another game. Another post. Yessshh! Game Jam: Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Theme: Present Game: SamuraiDuel A simple fast-paced fighting game. All you can do is move, jump and attack. This game is inspired by a fantastic game called Nidhogg. You are the samurai hiding in the woods. Several villages are afraid of your…

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  • My Pixels: Unsettling Feel

    Something seems… unsettled! I tried making a horror scene. It turned out quite well. I did it on Krita, not GIMP. In doing so, I tried various things. This time, I choose 320*240. If you are into pixel art game development, I suggest you use this size for your game. At first, I tried to…

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  • My Pixels: Purple Pixels, Dancing Sword Animation

    It’s not my first attempt at animating pixel art. Usually, I take only one colour and try to animate the silhouette. Similar to what I did in my game, Develomare but with vector art. This time around, I bothered using multiple colours. And I felt like it worked. The animation felt so good that I…

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  • Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 2)

    This is the 2nd Part of my Develomare story. Check out the first part here. Day 4: I was satisfied with the walk and the visuals. But the character seems slow when walking. I also feel the need of making the jump animation. Just like the game Inside, I want to make some sort of…

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  • Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 1)

    Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 1)

    I made the game called Develomare for the BlackThronProd (BTP) Game Jam #1 as I mentioned that in the previous post. But how? As you guys know that I am a fan of the Unity Game Engine. Therefore, I watch the video tutorials on YouTube that are related to the Unity Game Engine. A few…

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