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Plasma Pursuit with Silver Demon Studios

Plasma Pursuit with Silver Demon Studios

We developed and released an Early Demo of a sci-fi fast-paced car combat game, Plasma Pursuit with the Silver Demon Studios. This is probably the first-ever release of Bold Aesthetic Creative Games as a team.

Early Demo Released on for Windows only:

It is 2092. Humanity is on the verge of extinction and the Grid of AI is stronger than ever! In the recreated world of the much-advanced AI, it has gained emotions and forces the remaining humankind to fight against each other and with other cyber-vehicles in the blood-filled Arena.

The player plays the role of Derek, the main character who has been surviving all the Arena battles for more than 13 years. Due to his fast and sick battle style, he got the nickname of D-Sick. Along with him, is a tech-oriented assistant and a fascinating hacker called Tyler who gives Derek instructions during the entire time via the radio.

The player is to lead Derek to battle against the deadly cyber-vehicles that roam the highways and take down one machine after another to clear the roads of this ruthless threat.

Exciting Neon Flow Art Style – Explore the world created by AI and discover the beautiful artistic patterns embedded by the machines.

Joyful Drifting and Dashes – Enjoy the lovely car controller crafted just to give an exciting experience with the handbrakes, boosts and dashes.

Fast-Paced Adrenaline Driven Car Battles – Battle against the Cyber Vehicles and Turrets, all at a fast pace and juicy feel to survive and thrive with your Cybo-09.

Character-driven Story Line – Follow Derek and Tyler into the battles, guide him and survive as he discovers the ugly truths about AI… and humanity.

Capture the moments in style – Take Screenshots of different styles using the built-in Photo Mode in the pause menu.

This is an early demo. Therefore, expect bugs! With that said, I hope you will enjoy it, please share your thoughts and give us feedback. Thank you!

Early Demo Released on for Windows only:

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