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  • I am a part of this awesome game, Alien Overrun (Gamkedo #4)

    I am a part of this awesome game, Alien Overrun (Gamkedo #4)

    Finally, Alien Overrun is released. It is a 3D low poly style Gamkedo game about defending yourself against aliens by gathering resources and building towers. Basically, a Tower Defense/light RTS game. I modelled the Mage Tower in the game. I also did the selection, info and edit UI + discovered that lovely font to use…

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  • I am a part of this awesome game, Wild Drivers (Gamkedo #2)

    I am a part of this awesome game, Wild Drivers (Gamkedo #2)

    Woohoo! Another game released by Gamkedo Club! Split screen 3D Racing Game called Wild Drivers. It is made in Unity and has neat racing mechanics. If you are like me and your childhood is filled with games like NFS II SE, you would want to bring in a friend and play this game with him/her!…

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  • My Models: Mage Tower

    Here, I have done some modelling for another Gamkedo club game. The tower is quite cylindrical but the studs/tops of the tower distracts the cylinder shape quite well. The two cones are for holding the magic. There are two models: first one in which I have tried the texture painting feature, the other one (without…

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  • Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 1)

    Develomare – How I Made It? (Part 1)

    I made the game called Develomare for the BlackThronProd (BTP) Game Jam #1 as I mentioned that in the previous post. But how? As you guys know that I am a fan of the Unity Game Engine. Therefore, I watch the video tutorials on YouTube that are related to the Unity Game Engine. A few…

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  • C++ Programming Series: What’s next?

    You wanted to get into game programming. You found out that C++ is the real deal. You came here and started reading the first post of the series. You practiced and moved on till the end. Now, you are confused about what to do next? (By the way, it applies to all the enthusiastic people…

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