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  • BAC Games hosting Global Game Jam 2023

    BAC Games hosting Global Game Jam 2023

    We at Bold Aesthetic Creative Games hosted our first on-site game jam as well as our first Global Game Jam! There were a total of 6 Participants namely me (Bilal), Rayyan Aziz, Sufian Ahmed, M. Touseef, Zahid Ali and Saif Ali Khan. We all developed 3 Games together in this short weekend of 48 fun-filled…

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  • SuperRed – Casual Android Game

    SuperRed – Casual Android Game

    SuperRed is a minimalist causal and experimental Android game. Touch to Cut through Circles and Wait for Squares! Make Combos by doing cutting quickly. Inspired by 2 games: Super Hot and Rockets. I hope you will like my game. It is quite polished and feels cool when you make combos.

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  • Tips and Tricks for Surviving Alien Waves in Antons

    Antons is an Orbital Tower Defense Game made by me for the game jam. Unfortunately, I couldn’t submit it on time. It was one heck of a strategic journey. Link to Antons Post Play Antons Here! The game is so tuff and requires some decent tricks to win it. Here are some of the tips…

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  • FALLINGbits: What is the status?

    FALLINGbits: What is the status?

    OMG! I can’t believe it, man! Seriously, this is amazing. I got a download! Look at the image below! A download. Really, whoever he is, he made my day. Thanks to him. Now, 9 more downloads in 20 more days. If you want to help me achieve this target, here is the link. To those…

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  • FALLINGbits on

    FALLINGbits on

    My first ever published game… 😀 Here is the link. makes it easy for anyone to publish games and much more stuff into the market. It is just an experiment to see how well things can go over there. My target is to get, at least 10 downloads in 30 days span. Thank you for…

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  • Developing a Game: SamuraiDuel

    Nowadays, I am developing a game called SamuraiDuel. It is going to be a 2D game and is built on OpenGL, SDL2, Box2D, and CEGUI all in the language, C++. Before starting to develop the game, I first developed the base of a very low-level Game Engine which I should call a GL Engine, GL SDK or…

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  • Learning OpenGL

    The start of this month proved to be very busy for me and my new challenges! These days, I am learning OpenGL (or you may call it, Open Graphics Library) which is something next level in terms of graphics! It is pretty hard and requires solid concepts of using vectors, geometry, matrices and just mathematics!…

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