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September 2015

  • C++ Programming Series: Using Conditional Statements (Part 5)

    Argghhh! When will the topic of conditional statement get over? Well, we have to be patient while learning something. I hope that you might have done the home task of the previous post. Just keep trying to code things up and try to implement small ideas with your skill, you will see yourself learning and…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Using Conditional Statements (Part 4)

    In the last few previous posts, we learned some of the conditional statements, user input and basic arithmetic. Now, time to use some bits of all of them in one place! Just like if-statements, there is another conditional statement called as while-statement. Below is a very simple example of this: When you run this code,…

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  • Duration of Learning Programming

    Duration of Learning Programming

    This question is quite impossible to answer with guarantee. There are huge individual variations in how long it takes to pick up programming. Some people learned to program in just a month, some in half a year and others in more than 2 years! Of course, if your only task in life from this moment is to…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Basic Arithmetic

    We discussed many things till now. We discussed printing the variables, primitive types, user input and some conditional statements. What we should discuss right now is the basic arithmetic. It is very simple to do primitive calculations with primitive types. We will only work with integers here. But it will be applicable to all other…

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  • Learning Touch Typing

    I am pretty busy learning things like Touch Typing. Touch Typing is the ability to type without seeing the keyboard. With this skill, you can reach the speed of more than 100 words per minute! Typing will never be arduous for you if you are a touch typist. But it needs dedicated practice in a…

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  • C++ Programming Series: User Input and Comments

    In the previous post, we talked about user input. Well, there’s no post about user input until now. A very simple user input program is given below: This program will get the input from us and then, outputs our input. There are many new things to notice: This time, we also included string in our…

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