Project Twisted Unbound – A Collaboration between BAC Games and Silver Demon Studios

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Silver Demon Studios on a new game project, Project Twisted Unbound.

Twisted Metal inspired Car Combat game along with stylish aspects of NFS Unbound and a few other games.

What’s up and coming?

Plasma Pursuit is the demo coming out of Project Twisted Unbound. It is gonna be a small game available on for you to try out. We hope that you will like it and will follow us for the sake of the bigger release on Steam.

The game is set in a future where AI dominates the world and controls the remaining population of humans, basically using them as toys. In the Future, they hold a yearly competition of Car Derby where the drivers are Humans and they are forced to fight against each other. This year it’s happening again and your AI is also participating which means you get to fight in this car combat tournament. Good Luck!

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