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Play my new game: SamuraiDuel

Play my new game: SamuraiDuel

Another game jam. Another game. Another post. Yessshh!

Game Jam: Extra Credits Holiday 2018

Theme: Present

Game: SamuraiDuel

A simple fast-paced fighting game. All you can do is move, jump and attack. This game is inspired by a fantastic game called Nidhogg.

SamuraiDuel – Title Screen
SamuraiDuel – Game Over Screen
SamuraiDuel – During Gameplay

You are the samurai hiding in the woods. Several villages are afraid of your mastery and skills. They sent 100 of their best samurai to the woods with the purpose of killing you. Now, you have to survive and hold your position.


Left and Right Keys to Move.

Space Key to Jump.

Left Control Key to Attack.

You can change it in the game dialogue, inside the Input tag. ‘Horizontal (+)’, ‘Horizontal (-)’, ‘Jump’ and ‘Fire1’ are the only controls that you need to modify.

Developer Talk:

This game was made for Extra Credits 2nd Game Jam. The theme was ‘Present’. My interpretation of the theme was to compare my development skills: A comparison between my Past and my Present.


Here is the link to my past and abandoned SamuraiDuel.

Also, did I mention that the game is fast-paced and have slow-mo effects on it? Well, now I did.

I want a lot more features but the Game Jam didn’t allow me to do so. But I will be updating it later on. The game has some bugs and sometimes, the sword just goes through the enemy without killing him. With that being said, 100 kills are possible.

All the assets are made during the game jam period except the title text image that I picked from my old and abandoned SamuraiDuel project. I did it to show that I completed my previous project.

Game Page Link [<= Download from here]

Right now, the game is available only for Windows. Soon, I will be porting it to Android.

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