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My Pixels: Monochromatic – Red Dungeon

My Pixels: Monochromatic – Red Dungeon

Monochromatic… must be boring.

It is similar to the Four Shades category but… with more shades.

I hope that makes sense. This time it is a Red Dungeon… more like a bloody dungeon. I started off by thinking of a horror/creepy scene and it ended up like that.

2 versions, one with more contrast. This time, I used Pyxel Edit free version which you can download here.

The only feature I used it for, is the Tiling feature. It not only allows us to use a group of pixels in a repetitive tiling fashion but it does so in kinda, live mode. Other than that, you don’t get much from the free version.

Each tile is 32*32 pixels. The grid size of the whole image doesn’t matter when using tiling. So, I didn’t bother with it.

Red Dungeon
Red Dungeon (Contrast)

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