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JSGameDevLib: My Javascript Game Dev Library on GitHub

JSGameDevLib: My Javascript Game Dev Library on GitHub

Recently I have released a library which I use to develop games in Javascript. It does not have any dependencies and is pure JS (+ little bit of HTML).

Following are the games that uses this library as a base:

  1. Mystic Chambers –
  2. Leaf Cutter Empire –

The library focuses a lot on game states, UI and structure rather than implementing cool graphical stuff and things like that. The entire purpose of this code is to simply make it easy to develop JS games and provide a meaningful structure in order to write manageable code that can be used to develop small-to-medium sized web game project.

It is inspired by Unity (the way it handles transformation) and SDL2 (the way it handles rendering and events).

With that said, there are ton of issues and bugs, and there are no audio helper functions. But you can contribute to this code and make it better!

JSGameDevLib on GitHub

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