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Rude Machines with HomeTeam GameDev

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Rude Machines with HomeTeam GameDev

Rude Machines is a claustrophobic and dark survival arena shooter FPS game inspired by Devil Daggers. In this game, you are trapped on a little platform with tons of machines attacking you and you have to survive the waves while obliterating them with your mechanic hands shooting bursting balls!

Movement: WASD
Shooting: Left Click – Single Shot,
Right Click – Burst
Jump: Space Key
Slow Motion: Shift/F
Pause: Escape/Tab/P

Game Duration:
10 to 15 minutes.

Very Hard

The game is developed in association with the HomeTeam GameDev community and I was the team lead.

Play on your browser!

Rude Machines Gameplay 1
Rude Machines Gameplay 2
Rude Machines Gameplay 3
Rude Machines Gameplay 4
Rude Machines Gameplay 5 (Slow-mo)
Rude Machines Gameplay 6 (Slow-mo)
Rude Machines Gameplay 7 (Low Res.)
Rude Machines Gameplay 8 (Low Res.)

The game took only 10 weeks to develop and has this polished feel to it! I have even added a leaderboard to the game. If you are interested in how the game was developed, you can start with this video:

Anyways, if you have reached the bottom of this post and wondering where’s the link to try the game out… (Thanks!)

IT IS HERE! Play on your browser!

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