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Game Development

  • Developing a Game: SamuraiDuel

    Nowadays, I am developing a game called SamuraiDuel. It is going to be a 2D game and is built on OpenGL, SDL2, Box2D, and CEGUI all in the language, C++. Before starting to develop the game, I first developed the base of a very low-level Game Engine which I should call a GL Engine, GL SDK or…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Arrays

    Previous two posts are (or just looks like) useless and really, are not interesting. But in this post, you are going to get the reward! Yes, a reward! You are going to learn my favourite thing, the favourite in the way that it makes life with programming very easy! We call it: Arrays. Before proceeding,…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Using Conditional Statements (Part 5)

    Argghhh! When will the topic of conditional statement get over? Well, we have to be patient while learning something. I hope that you might have done the home task of the previous post. Just keep trying to code things up and try to implement small ideas with your skill, you will see yourself learning and…

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