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I’m back…

I’m back…

I’m back(such a cliche.)

I feel very bad for that no-blogging period. But I was getting disappointed for not getting much attention and there were this massive studies of mine that knocked me down.

But never mind that. During that big interval, I learned a lot of new things and I am pretty excited about the things to come.

I am hopeful for a bright future. Also, Happy New Year (dah, so late…)

And with that being said, check out my new logo. Bold, Aesthetic and Creative…

BizarreAndCalm Logo
BoldAestheticCreative Logo

What have I learned?

Unity, the best thing that happened to me…

I have seen many crappy games with the Unity logo appearing at the start. This made a bad impression of the engine in my mind and I always hated it.

But then, there was an accident. We met and became best friends so quickly.

The hate became love.

Other than that, I played around with Inkscape and Blender. Both seem to be perfect for my needs.

As you might know that I started game development with SDL2 in C++. But now, there is another library that I liked. It’s Love 2D in Lua. I use both for developing games on my phone (Android). Yes, you heard it right… ON PHONE.

Is that it?

Hmmm… There is more than that.

I am developing a game called Doboomler in Unity. It is a game in which a ball with a face falls into a never-ending hole. There is much more to it and it feels pretty addictive. Soon, I will release it on Google Play for free. But before that, there will be a trailer too (of course).

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