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  • C++ Programming Series: Pointers (Part 2)

    In the previous post, we learned how to get the memory address of a variable and how to define a variable that holds the memory address i.e pointer. Suppose that there is a variable of the type int called number. We initialize it with value equals to 10. Now, suppose that it has a memory…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Multidimensional Arrays

    In the last two previous posts, we discussed a very useful thing called ‘Arrays’. This topic is not yet completed and this post is going to end it! Multidimensional arrays! Previously, we discussed 1D (or single-dimensional) arrays. They are pretty simple. But now, time for 2D and 3D arrays. We won’t go into details with…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Precedence, Order and sizeof()

    In the previous post, we learned complex but still, simple looking conditions. Instead of using boolean variables for complex conditions, we can directly use them in the conditional statements. Below is an example of a ‘complex looking’ complex condition: Now, guess the output without executing it (or running it). It looks hard or complex to…

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