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  • I failed…

    I couldn’t reach my target… 10 downloads of my game, FALLINGbits, in 30 days… Got only 1. I am feeling very depressed. Maybe I am not good enough yet. Maybe I need to put more effort and especially more time. Time is of the essence. Maybe I… It doesn’t matter anymore. I will try again…

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  • My Pixels: Four Shades – Strength in Man 0

    My Pixels: Four Shades – Strength in Man 0

    Count the colours, please. Are they 4? Ops, it’s 5. My mistake! It should be in the monochromatic category. I saw a video on YouTube in which someone was doing pixel art and it is my attempt to try to imitate him. (It is obviously not the same and he did it much better. And…

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