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  • C++ Programming Series: Pointers (Part 1)

    In this post, we are going to discuss pointers. But before proceeding, I just want to say that if you really followed all my posts till now then, Congratulations! You learned the basics of programming in general! But there are still a lot of basics in C++! C++ is a very old programming language but…

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  • Learning OpenGL

    The start of this month proved to be very busy for me and my new challenges! These days, I am learning OpenGL (or you may call it, Open Graphics Library) which is something next level in terms of graphics! It is pretty hard and requires solid concepts of using vectors, geometry, matrices and just mathematics!…

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  • C++ Programming Series: Functions/Subroutines (Part 1)

    In this post, we are going to discuss something called “Functions”. They are also called “Subroutines”. Like arrays, functions or subroutines are very significant, awesome and helpful. These are some of the basic things which we will keep using throughout our entire programming sessions. The first thing to figure out is the definition of a…

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