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Developing Dino Flippers for Global Game Jam 2022

Developing Dino Flippers for Global Game Jam 2022

Another game jam story!

Yeah, you will see this a lot since I keep taking part in jams one after the other. ๐Ÿ˜…

This time, it’s GGJ 2022 with a really cool theme, Duality. And this time, another indie gamedev participated with me, Mutee.

In this game jam, I came up with an idea where there’s this duality mechanic… cards will have positive consequences in a turn and negative consequences in the alternative turns. The turn is defined by the card placed on the plane BUT it’s all real-time!

Play Dino Flippers on Windows

This idea really caught the attention of everyone including those who were supporting us during the GGJ 2022. And so, I started prototyping it in the Unity Game Engine.

Blended with Mutee’s dinosaurs’ fantasy, here’s what I came up with…

1. Yeah, monochromatic. Cuz’ duality, get it?

The game is hundred and ten percent inspired by Nethercard Kingdom led by Kornel at the HomeTeam GameDev community. In that game, I really made the card handling feel smooth and awesome. And so, I sorta replicated that feeling in this game as well. Along with that, I added an invert shader which inverts the screen indicating the card’s good and bad turns!

2. Cards, Inversion, Blobs, Towers!

While I was doing all that, Mutee shared the artwork for the first few units. He meant to iterate on it but regardless of that, I added them to the game which started to add some context to our game, Dino Flippers!!!

3. Dinosaurs? More like Cuteesaursss… ahh, not amusing. okay ๐Ÿ™‚

Mutee improved the art and I further improved the mechanic. Now, cards can be added and/or discarded. There are also the mana points limiting the card usage rate in order to add some difficulty.

4. Better art, better mechanics!
5. MOAAREE progress! Note that the towers are replaced by sitting giants.

And after all the hiccups and challenges, here’s what the game finally looks like.

6. Final Game – Gameplay and Aesthetics

I do want to mention that I couldn’t bring the good/bad or duality factor in the card play as much as I like to and that, the mechanics could have been a lot better. With that said, 2 to 3 plays would be fun for anyone! It is short and who doesn’t like playing with dinosaurs ๐Ÿ˜‰

All the artwork and audio are contributed by Mutee. Thank you!

So what exactly is Dino Flippers: It is a Card-Based Single Screen Strategy where you have to face the ‘duality’ of effects with the cards every other turn.

Dino Flippers on the Global Game Jam site

Play Dino Flippers on Windows

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