We won Epiphany’s Developers Game Jam 2020! – Play Without Miles by Team Gryffindors

Epiphany’s Developers Game Jam 2020 was a 60-hours weekend Game Jam for Pakistani Game Developers and the game jam theme was ‘Cute and Colorful.’ It was an exciting 2-weeks journey filled with amazing workshops and meetups.

I joined the game jam as an individual and then, teams of random people are formed. Fortunately, my team was such a good one and we named it, Team Gryffindors.

My Team – Team Gryffindors

We developed the game, Without Miles.

Without Miles is a 2D Side Scroller Puzzle Platformer where the focus is on the story and audio visual experience. Game Plot: Miles and Marble. A kitten with a puppy. They play with each other all day but… Let’s just say, things happen.

And guess what? We won Developers Game Jam! 1ST PRIZE!

Without Miles – 1st Prize in Developers Game Jam

Play Without Miles on Windows: https://bacstudios.itch.io/without-miles

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