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I made an app for BAC Studios

I made an app for BAC Studios

Recently, I made an Android app with a name that you couldn’t have guessed. BAC Studios. The app is made using Flutter (and Dart) and is made in about 4 days which to me, is rather surprising because this is my first time trying out Flutter (and Android app development).

Download BAC Studios Android App (Play Store)

As of now, the application displays the Blog Posts from here, Games from my profile, HT GD Club Games that I contributed in, and some featured posts on the main page.

Basically, inside the app, some simple HTTP requests are done in order to get the html of the websites (WordPress blog and profile). After that, I extract everything from the massive chunk of html string using all kinds of dirty string manipulation. In the end, all the extracted stuff is displayed using Flutter’s amazing widgets.

Let me say it again, it displays the blog posts. That means if you are an Android user who is reading this post from his smartphone, you don’t need to visit the website in order to read my posts. The app will display them to you in a very elegant way.

I hope that you will like the app. I will keep updating it and fixing bugs. Be smiling even if you are having a little bit of rough day because your smile may brighten someone else’s day.

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