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I joined Gamkedo Club

Gamkedo Game Development Club

I joined Gamkedo Club

Recently, I joined Gamkedo Club. Basically, it is a Game Development Club where you learn Game Development and various other skills by working as a team, on a game. I am impressed by how the overall system works and how the club leaves almost all the choices to the members while guiding them along their own set path, simply making sure that it is a smooth ride.

It is like a gym where it is up to you to build up your strength or just have a walk around it (That’s definitely not me). And yeah, no timings and regulations. Zero stress!

Join Gamkedo Club!

My first 2 weeks in the club

My club experience was a little rough because I actually wanted to contribute and be a part of someone’s game but I couldn’t make myself to do so. One of the reason is that I rarely read someone else’s code. It is similar to reading your own code after leaving it for a long time. But the bigger reason is, I felt like I am not good enough.

But you know that it is not true! How come I focus so well on my personal projects? Of course, that is not something that came to my mind during my time spent on my personal projects. In fact, I like challenges. So, what now?

I realized that I am just hesitating because I was thinking that maybe someone else might not like my changes. Maybe, someone else could do it better than me. And that’s exactly the mindset that this club totally dismisses. As far as I know, the club, as well as all the members, accepts all those changes/improvements/additions that you made in the game (if those changes are really genuine effort and you really tried to make the game better). It doesn’t matter if you are good or bad, you gotta have to do it. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you can’t do it, you can probably do it badly at first. And if it is bad, someone will lend you a hand and help you make it better.

That’s all folks. The game that I worked on, is released and I am so happy about it. But that’s for the next post. Bye.

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