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‘Making the Top Down Shooter Game: Aviator’ Unity Game Manual

Aviator Manual Cover

‘Making the Top Down Shooter Game: Aviator’ Unity Game Manual

1 and a half year ago, I made a game called Aviator. Then, I thought of writing its manual. And I recently checked my old stuff and realized that I should post it on my blog.

At that time, I was learning Unity and its basics so, I never know a lot of techniques that I know, now. (Seriously, it could have been much easier)

Anyhow, the manual is a step by step guide to making the game. The only issue is that I never completed it!

That includes the Graphical User Interface (partially done), the basic Sprite Sheet animation, Music and Sound Effects.

Not a complete package and that is why I am giving it away for FREE!

I am not giving the Unity Game Project itself due to some reasons. But I am sharing all the resources that I used in the game including the music. All the resources are not created by me and so, don’t blame me if you get into some copyright issues with your game. I am sharing those resources for educational/learning purposes.

I hope that the manual will greatly help you.

Aviator Manual: Download Link

Aviator Resources: Download Link

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