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To Car Combat

Our Passion and Dedication that drives our Creative Juices

despite the immense limitations and harsh conditions

About Us

Welcome To BAC Games

We develop PC Indie Games especially the kind that involves strong mechanical gameplay inspired by the likes of Advance Wars and Twisted Metal.

We have a separate division called Bold Z Services where we provide game development services to publishers and other game studios.

+92 301 3009809

Bold Z Services

What We Do?

Along providing complete Game Development Services which includes Game Programming, 3D Art, 2D Art, Audio, VFX and UI/UX, we also provide the following:

Game Design

We design the Game Design Data which includes & isn’t limited to mechanics, item tables, game economy & progression charts.

Iterative Approach

We develop games with an iterative mindset enabling easy collaboration and ensuring that your feedback is actually applied.


We market your game to get eyeballs on your game project thereby, ensuring that your game gets its deserved target audience.

Research & Insights

We share and provide game market insights to help you make better decisions regarding your awesome game project.

Long Term Support

We keep connected to your game project, resolve the previously unresolved issues & are available to develop it further too.


If you are an independent game developer, we can help you with your game pitch and connect you with the publishers as well.

We are here to deliver for YOU!

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